Some of our most common questions!

My poster has a mispelling or something wrong with it – how can I get it replaced?

Take your poster out of the frame if you purchased it framed, use a sharpie and circle the problem on the poster, on the back side write down what you would like fixed – then below that write your mailing address, phone number, and email address –  Fold the poster up and put it in an envelope, and put a stamp on it –
Ship it to:
Ultimate Team Posters
2364 Essington Rd
Joliet, IL 60435
Once we recieve your poster, we will make all of the corrections you listed, we will print the new one, and it will ship out (generally the same day) and you will receive an email tracking notification.

How can I buy a poster from a recent event that is not online yet?

We upload all posters from the weekend by Monday at 12:00pm Central time – There are however, times where we put the wrong event under the wrong state (not to often but it does happen) so if you do not see your event online by 5:00pm on Monday, please call us at 1-800-891-6650 and we can be of further assitance.

Can I buy just a frame?

Yes, you can purchase just a frame, however to do this you will need to call us at the number listed above to do so –  The price is $35.00 plus $15 for shipping
Please note, that when we ship a frame, we replace the glass with plexiglass to minimize the breakage

How long do you keep posters on file for?

We have a general rule of thumb that after 12 months we delete all images from an event.  If you think you might want one from an event, it will not hurt to give us a call to see if we’ve purged the previous years poster yet

Can we schedule you to come out to do just one team?

Yes, however we require a minimum purchase in advance of $200.  To get more details on how this works – give us a call

How long does it take to get a banner delivered once I order it?

We send you a proof that requires you to reply “Print ready” once this happens the banner generally ships the same day – we can expedite shipping if needed at the customers expense, however we ship UPS ground – and it is usually no more that a 2-3 day delivery time

How do we know if you will be at an event?

Go to the contact us page: Send an email to the and we will be able to send you a response the same day
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